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    XMXYG Superchain

    About Us

    Based on the domestic and international "dual circulation" pattern, Superchain keeps in step with the national regional economic development strategies and the Belt and Road Initiative, and provides in-depth supply chain solutions for the customers of the industrial chain through the four-in-one integrated supply chain service platform characterized by the integration of "business flow, logistics flow, information flow and capital flow".

    • 1996

      Time of Establishment
    • 1000+

    • 30+

      Invested enterprises

    Smart Logistics

    XMXYG Superchain adheres to the strategic thinking of "basing on supply chains, serving industry chains and creating value chains", and makes full use of intelligent technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and block chain to build the intelligent logistics platform of XMXYG.

    • Intelligent processes

    • Online services

    • Visualized title to goods

    • Ecological industries


    Global Network

    XMXYG Superchain actively responses to "the Belt and Road Initiative", develops international routes around the global industrial clusters including regions of bulk commodity resources, circulation and consumption, and has built a multimodal transport logistics network that connects both domestic and international markets.

    • Domestic network

    • International network

    Industry Application

    Based on years of experience in the service for bulk commodity industry, Superchain focuses on industrial clusters and provides in-depth supply chain solutions based on customer's demands and industry pain points.

    Copyright 2021 XMXYG Superchain
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